Hanext and diligent performance of duty

Prohibition of Personal Activities in the Workplace: No officer or employee may be engaged in any external work or other personal activities within the workplace or during the regular working hour. Further, no officer or employee may use the company¡¯s communication equipment for the purpose of promoting his or her personal interests or for personal entertainment, etc. (e.g., for on-line stock trading, inappropriate on-line chatting, etc.) If any person becomes aware of any improper or unethical activity of others, such person must immediately notify the company (specifically the department in charge of the ethics management) of such activity.

Each of officers and employees must clearly know his or her work authority and responsibility and must do his or her best to discharge the assigned work duty.

Precise and Honest Record and Report: An officer or employee may obtain reimbursement from the company for expenses that he or she has incurred in discharging his or her work duty. Any person¡¯s request for reimbursement from the company for expenses that in fact have not been incurred or have been incurred for any personal purpose constitutes a dishonest record and report.

Without the company¡¯s permission, no officer or employee, while staying employed by the company, may be engaged in any businesses other than the work duty assigned by the company or in any other activities pursuing his or her personal profits.