Selection of Suppliers: When it is necessary to select a business entity that will supply products or provide services (¡°Supplier¡±), persons in charge must grant all of the business entities satisfying the relevant conditions equal opportunities and the selection must be conducted legitimately based upon an objective and fair standard. It is prohibited to buy products or services of certain persons or businesses at significantly overestimated prices.

Unless officially allowed by the company, no one may become a Supplier for the company while he or she works for the company. No one may become [an agent of any Supplier for the purpose of obtaining personal profits. Furthermore, no one may receive any money or other benefit from any Supplier upon providing advice or services to the Supplier that is in the business relationship with the company.

Precise and Honest Record and Report: An officer or employee may obtain reimbursement from the company for expenses that he or she has incurred in discharging his or her work duty. Any person¡¯s request for reimbursement from the company for expenses that in fact have not been incurred or have been incurred for any personal purpose constitutes a dishonest record and report.

No one may take advantage of his or her superior status to request that any Supplier bear certain responsibilities unfairly (e.g., force the Supplier to purchase certain products, require the Supplier to provide sponsorship, entertainment, rebate or travel expenses, etc.) or to threat to unilaterally terminate the business relationship between the Supplier and the company. In case of amending any terms and conditions of the business relationship with Suppliers, officers and employees in charge there of must have sufficient prior discussion with the Suppliers.