Protection of company¡¯sconfidential information

Confidential information means important information registered in the company¡¯s computer system or database, information related to the company¡¯s copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights, and other proprietary information accumulated by various specialized departments of the company. Such important information is the outcome of officers and employees¡¯ hard work and great efforts and is the return from the company¡¯s investment of a great amount of resources. Thus, the company may suffer from great damage if any such confidential information is disclosed to third parties. Therefore, officers and employees must take any and all relevant measures to protect the company¡¯s confidential information.

Unless the company approved disclosure or the company itself officially published certain information, no one may disclose or reveal any confidential information of the company to any third party. No one is allowed to talk about the company¡¯s confidential information even with his or her family or friends. Further, no one may use the company¡¯s confidential information to obtain unjust personal profits.